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Parascience Journal

Putting the science back into pseudoscience.

What We Do

Here are some of the things that we are doing at Parascience Journal.  We are always interested in hearing what other groups are doing.  If you are working on something interesting, contact us with details at



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About Us

Experiment Exchange

We want to hear about the experiments that investigators and groups are working on.  We want to collect the information about the new and inventive experiments so we can share them with other investigators and groups to see if we can change the field by creating reproducible experimentation that can be tested by everyone.  Email with your ideas.

Ride Alongs

We are working on a research project where we join local paranormal investigation groups on investigations to learn what the people in this field are doing.  If you are in the Northern, Central or Western New York areas and are interested in having us join you, email me directly at


We are always looking for ideas for articles and essays.  Tell us what you want to hear about or the topics that you learn more about and we will add them to the research list.

Paranormal  Community Calendar

We have a Paranormal Community Calendar that is updated each week and posted here online.  If you have an event, or just know of an event, click the button below and let us know what is going on in your world.

Research and Development

We are currently working on multiple research projects and are in the development stages of paranormal investigation equipment. We are always looking for participants, engineers, and investors.  The button below will get you in touch with us to talk about how you want to get involved.

Event Hosting and Guest Speaking Engagements

The founder of Parascience Journal, George Stadalski, is available to Host your event or appear as a guest speaker.  Click on the button below to get booking information. 

Ask about paranormal investigation workshops and paranormal town hall events.